Example program XEM8320 for SZG-DAC-AD9116

Can anyone share an example program for SZG-DAC-AD9116 with XEM8320 for generating any signal?

The sample here is a good start:

Thanks for your reply, actually I was following the same for the XEM8320, however facing challenges from the beginning. Detailed steps and screenshots are presented in the attached Support CK_DAC_V1.pdf and the error message is also given in the Table.pdf.
I will appreciate it if you kindly support making a simple DAC example for the XEM8320.
Support CK_DAC_V1.pdf (311.6 KB)
Table.pdf (88.7 KB)

We do not have this full flow published for the XEM8320 at this time. You will likely need to recreate corresponding cores for the different architecture. Please review the Xilinx materials for doing so – this will be a good exercise to become more familiar with the Xilinx tools and flows.