XEM8320-AU25P datasheet needed


I have got the XEM8320-AU25P evaluation boards. Regarding the details related to the board I found this link below:

But I could not find a complete DATASHEET for this evaluation board. Is there an official datasheet for this?

Thank you.

That link takes you to the official datasheet.

Is there some specific information you weren’t able to find in those pages?

Thank you for the reply.

Our colleagues were asking for datasheet in a PDF format like any other evaluation boards.

That is why I was asking for that information.

Ah, we do not provide PDF versions of our user manuals any longer. Of course, you can print the pages from your browser to PDF but this obviously wouldn’t capture any improvements and additions to the documentation.

PDFs also aren’t interactive as our Pins reference is.

No problem. We will continue referring to the documentation link. Thank you for the answers.