XEM7310MT GTP Ref Clock and Sys CLK Source

@ O-K experts
I am designing a system around XEM7310MT, and now having two questions regarding the clocks;

  1. The required 125MHz GTP REF CLK for IBERT; I am assuming it is sourced from an external low-jitter 125MHz XO (through the SMA connectors on the BRK base-board for example). Would it possible to derive an useable 125MHz clock for the GTP from the onboard 200MHz sys_clk ? Admittedly, I have not done my homework on this.

  2. 200MHz onboard system clock; My system happens to also uses an 200MHz system clock. For the reason of reducing interference and having a preferred synchronism, I want to replace the 200MHz sy clk of XEM with an external 200MHz clk of my system. What is the best way of doing that ? I can think of removing the onboard XO, and soldering wires to the pads, but could not help wondering if there is a better way…
    Thanks in advance for your hep, happy holidays!

You would not need to solder your clock to the XO pads on the XEM7310MT – instead just bring that clock into the FPGA using the MRCC or SRCC on the expansion connector.