XEM7310 not found by Vivado


I am trying to connect to my XEM7310 board in Vivado to deploy the bit file I generated but Vivado is not seeing the board.

However, I can see and connected to the board in the Front Panel application. I am using a USB cable for connection.

So far, I have tried re-installing the drivers. But now wanted to ask for suggestions before I mess something up.

Please let me know

Thanking you

If you’re using Vivado via JTAG, which JTAG cable are you using? One of the ones supported?

Are you using the BRK7010 for the JTAG connection or through your own peripheral board?

If you’re not using JTAG, of course, you must use FrontPanel for configuration downloads.

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Thank you for your response.

I realized my mistake. I do not have any JTAG cable, I was under impression that the regular usb cable would work.

That was stupid of me. Now everything makes sense!

Thanks again.