XEM7305 MIG core


I am trying to generate MIG core for XEM7305. Unfortunately Pin Selection validation fails with a complain to read AR 45588 if I read pinots from RAMTester/XEM7305-Verilog/xem7305.xdc. Did anyone got luck to generate mig.prj?

Many thanks in advance.

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PS: BTW, https://docs.opalkelly.com/display/XEM7305/DDR3+Memory has an error: “MIG Settings” column name should be XEM7305 instead of XEM7310.

Hello Yury,

We have had a few customers successfully build the memory controller for the XEM7305. It is important that all settings mentioned in the documentation (https://docs.opalkelly.com/display/XEM7305/DDR3+Memory) are followed accurately, including the setting to disable the chip select pin and the internal Vref. It is also possible that your project has an incorrect part or package selected, please ensure that your project is targeting the xc7s50csga324-1. As long as the correct part is selected the pinout meets the requirements mentioned in AR 45588.

Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for prompt answer. Finally I have managed to generate MIG core. The problem was that XDC from your sample had (obviously) additional pinouts that probably drove the generator into wrong direction. Once I exported it to UCF and cleaned all non-DDR pins it worked.