XEM7010-A50 ISE support?

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Hi, I did an equipment design 10 years ago using XEM3010, and the equipment has been reliably in service since. Now I am thinking about updating the legacy 3010 to today’s XEM7010-A50, but I want to keep the ISE script based tool-chain. I also noticed that ISE webpack supports Artix-7 200T, but the list support for XEM7010-A50 is Vivado webpack. So my question is if the provided front-panel HDL cores work in ISE ? If not, is it possible to obtain the ISE version from you ? Thanks in advance

I guess I need to ask an additional question – that is , for the Artix-7 modules, are the provided pre-synthesized XEM cores still in the form of .ngc, or in some other form like edn, edif ? Thx again

Xilinx supports Vivado for the 7-series devices. ISE has stagnated and is no longer maintained. While it did support 7-series during the transition, Vivado is the only way forward.

Suppose I just want to update the hardware to the A-7 board at this time, can I still use the .ngc cores in ISE for the time being ? Thx

By “.ngc cores” I am referring to those of FrontPanel for A-7.

No, you cannot. ISE doesn’t support the A50T.

What about your A200T board? Can the ngc files work in ISE ?

NGC files are not provided for any Artix-7 products. Only the -A200 would be supported with them and Xilinx highly recommends moving to Vivado for those designs as well (the ISE support was fairly early on and has since had a number of bug fixes and performance improvements with Vivado).

NGC files are not provided for any Artix-7 products.

okay, if no ngc files are provided for the A50 board, in what form the are Frontpanel HDL cores (i.e. wireIn, wireOut etc.) delivered ?

They are encrypted HDL that is imported into the Vivado design.

Got it. Is there a requirement on the vivado version because of that ?

if i said, ISE support the A50T ???