XEM6010-LX150 Power Estimates

I see that the XEM6010-LX150 is powered separately from the USB via a 5 V power supply. I want to know how much power is drawn from the USB connector through the USB power lines. Does it draw 0, some particular amount, varies in some range, etc?

Also, in the manual under Power Budget on page 10, there’s a table of power estimates. If the DDR2 isn’t used in the design, will the board still draw power on the 1.8 V line (600 mW + 250 mW)?

For the Example XEM6010-LX150 FPGA Power Consumption section, it shows an example for a design with 70% to 80% utilization. Is that in terms of LUTs/FFs or slices? From my understanding Xilinx often maximizes slice usage. For example a design that uses 50% of the LUTs/FFs can use 90% slices while another 50% LUT/FF design may use 70% of slices.

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