XEM6001 not compatible with WebPack license?



I used to work with XEM3001v2 using ISE project navigator with a WebPack license with no problem.
Recently I switched to XEM6001. Then immediately realized that I get the following error message when I run “Map”.

ERROR:Security:9 - No ‘ISE’ nor ‘WebPack’ feature was available for part

I suspect this means the hardware of XEM6001 is not supported by the current license.
If so, is there any way to generate a bit file for XEM6001 with freely available software?



I am using ISE 12.4 on Windows 7. Maybe this is too old?


The XEM6001 is definitely compatible with WebPack. Unfortunately, I don’t know if ISE 12 is too old. Please see Xilinx for their support matrix.


Thanks for the reply.
It turned out that I was somehow using a wrong license, Vivado license, in ISE.
After I properly reinstalled an ISE webpack license, ISE 12 worked for XEM6001.