Why not LX45T?

No one got anything to say about this new module ?

Now I have a question for o-k;
The fpga on the new 6010 module is LX45, not the lx45t part that I was hoping for. Is it because of the cost ?

There are, of course, many factors that we use to determine which FPGAs we choose for our devices. As you suggest, cost is one of them.

If you have a list of features you are looking for in our modules, it is always very helpful to hear from customers. Please share your requirements and application information with us at any time! We use this feedback to inform future products.

And, as always, we are available to provide product customizations. Please contact sales@opalkelly.com with your requirements, budgetary information, and estimated annual usage.

okay, here is my wish list;
A spartan-6 lxt module on a SO-DIMM card like this one


This way, I will have the nice Opal-Kelly USB port, Ethernet port, GTPs that the lxt part offers, and 100+ user I/Os, all available to me.

I think the DIMM card format is a good idea. the 200-pin connector allow you to bring out more FPGA pins, and the single socket with the retainers is more secure, and easier to work with.