Visualize your design with Robei

I recently create a small software which can allow user to design
hardware like playing with boxes.
It has the following advantages comparing with other similar products.

  1. Simple user interface, easy to learn and easy to use. Compare with
    other tools, our software can let you manage it in 15 minutes.

  2. Based on most popular open source platform -QT, which is also known
    as cross platform SDK, so it can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac plus
    some embedded platforms.

  3. Integrating with most famous Icarus Verilog compiler, it support both
    behaviour level and RTL level verilog simulation.

  4. It has a waveform viewer to visualize the simulation result.

  5. It can help developer to find connection errors before going to code
    level. Let developer focus on algorithms instead of coding.

  6. It supports both Bottom-up and Top-down design methodology.

  7. It supports command line action script, which means designer can use
    commands to design their system.

  8. It allows designer to change or type in data like editing properties.

  9. It supports personalize features.

IF you are interested in playing with it, please go to
to download the trial version and there is a video demo can lead you

It is a tool for entry level, let
developers focus more on the algorithm instead of coding. When you work
with design, normally, draw your idea then work on each part by coding.
You need memorize your design all the time. But this tool helps you
design with drawing, you can modify your algorithm any time. You can
visualize your design and focus on your algorithm.

The tool is small,fast and modern. Only works with simulation level. I
created a 15 days trial version, why not play with it then send me your