Trouble with ISE 13.2 and wireIn/wireOut ngc files

I’m returning to the XEM3005 after a long absence. In the meantime, I’ve moved to Xilinx ISE 13.2 with some other FPGA boards. I don’t remember which version of the ISE I might have been using when last working with the XEM3005. Anyway, I’m having trouble I don’t remember having.

When I add the file okWireIn.ngc or okWireOut.ngc to the project, I get the following message (or one similar for okWireOut):

The file “okWireIn.ngc” device information, xc3s400-4pq208, does not match the current project device, xc3s1200eft256-4.

Why would I get such a message and what can I do about it? Where would the reference to xc3s400 come from? You can see that the project is set to the right FPGA. If I ignore this message and go ahead with synthesis, I get a message about more than 100% of device resources being used. The synthesis report shows that this is due to there being no TBUFs available.

I reinstalled FrontPanel 4.0.7 and used the ngc files therein. They have the date 9/28/2010.

I believe this error is generated when you add the NGC files to your project. You do NOT need to add them to your project. Just put them in the macro path of your build. (Usually where the .xise file resides)

Adding ngc files to the project was a mistake. I did this out of some desperation because I was not successful at rebuilding old projects. I started trying the wrong things. Flailing.

Now it seems to me that some things changed while I was away.

It used to be that okWireIn took ok2 as an output. That seems to have changed. My old sources showed this and it seems to still be the case in the online tutorial:
. That’s one problem with my old files.

In that same tutorial, two okWireOut instantiations both take the same ok2 wire as an output. This causes errors now. (I don’t understand why it didn’t always.) I see that the sample files distributed with FrontPanel 4 do a wire-or on these. Makes sense.

While I’m catching up with the times, perhaps the online tutorial could catch up along with me.

I will relearn everything from the current documentation instead of using my old experience as a guide. It’s been said that it’s not the things you don’t know that hurt you, it’s the things you know that are not true. That applied here.

Thanks for the quick response.

By the way, the current FrontPanel documentation seems to have an inconsistency with respect to okWireIn and okTriggerIn. The section “The Host Interface” on page 36 of the current version shows a diagram with okWireIn and okTriggerIn feeding the okWireOR, while the description of these that is on the next few pages does not include ok2 as an output. okTriggerOut is not on the diagram, but would feed the okWireOR.