SetOutputSoure Question for programming PLLs

I’m trying to program the PLLs on the XEM6010 directly from my code and have a question regarding the SetOutputSource function:

SetOutputSource(N, okCPLL22393::ClkSrc_PLL0_0); // where N is the integer representing the CLK output (SYS_CLK1, SYS_CLK2, etc)

My question is what are the integer values (N) for each of the CLK outputs to the FPGA and headers? The FrontPanel API documentation indicates the values for the PLLs but not the PLL output signals.

Here is the a snippet of my code trying the set SYS_CLK4:

okCFrontPanel *dev;

okCPLL22393 *pll = new okCPLL22393
pll->SetPLLParameters(0, 400, 48);
pll->SetOutputSource(3, okCPLL22393::ClkSrc_PLL0_0); // Assumed N=3 to follow PLL assignment convention described in the FrontPanel API doc.
pll->SetOutputDivider(3, 100);
pll->SetOutputEnable(3, true);

dev = new okCFrontPanel;

When the code is executed, the PLL waveform has not been updated to reflect the new configuration.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!