Running Ramtester

I am having problems running the Ramtester application on a windows 7 32-bit laptop. I’ve moved the application file, the RAMTester-xem6010-lx45.bit file that I’ve renamed to ramtest.bit and the dll file from the API directory. I had previously been using the XEM3001 running frontpanel 3.14. I get a windows diag box saying that the application has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution. Any thoughts on what might be the problem. Thanks.

To add more to the above post. I am using an XEM6010 with frontpanel 4. I have been going through the samples and have been able to run the first and counters examples successfully, but have not been able to get either the pipetest or the ramtest samples to work.

Are you using 4.0.2 ?

— Begin quote from Opal Kelly Support;3161

Are you using 4.0.2 ?

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Yes. Installed off of the cd that was shipped with the fpga.

I think this may be a bug that only appeared on some systems. Although we run x64 Windows 7 here and didn’t see it. It was definitely a bug, but only occurred for Linux for us – odd.

Anyway, in the source file for RAMTester.cpp, line 121 should read:

printf("Found a device: %s\n", dev->GetBoardModelString(dev->GetBoardModel()).c_str());

The missing bit was the .c_str()

This has been fixed, but not into a release yet. Please let me know if this does the trick.

Thanks. We don’t have the current version of visual c here, plus I plan to use labview anyway, and have already run labview versions of some of the other examples. I will run a similar test using labview instead.

If you send an email to, we could send back an updated pre-built binary. Be sure to include architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).