Require XEM6010 Hos interface


We are looking forward to a board which can be used for validation of our FPGA. In this connection we came across Host Interface Bus .

Following is our requirement

  1. Receive the Data from a USB interface to our FPGA
  2. Process the data in the FPGA and send it via SPI master to the outside world

I am planning to use the XEM6010

Can someone answer the following
what is the details of the Host interface of the board. How I can recive the data from USB2.0 through Host interface.

I want to receive the data on OPB interface insdie the FPGA because i have OPB SPI interface controller in the FPGA.

Thanks and Regards


Our FPGA modules are well-suited to this type of application. You can read details about the host interface in our FrontPanel User’s Manual available on our website.

You will probably need to create the connection to the OPB bus from our host interface. Alternatively, you could just write the SPI controller as a new block. It’s a very easy protocol and could probably be written and tested by a skilled HDL designer in a couple hours.