Requesting Help A VIVADO Project Using XEM7310 Board_IO Pin always outputting 3.3V

I am new to FPGA programming, VHDL and VIVADO so seeking some help to get up to the speed with my recently purchase XEM7310 board.
I have created a basic VIVADO project which aims to Toggle LED, Pin A13 on the board with some de-bounce logic, if 1.8V is applied to pin W9.
I believe my code is OK as I could implement it on a non-Xilinx FPGA. But I have something not setup right when it comes configuring the input pin= W9. Voltage always reads 3.3V even when configured it 1.8V and voltage selector on the breakout board is physically set to 1.8V.

Also, using XDC file from OK gives the following warning so I am using similar default board installed with VIVADO.

Warning: WARNING: [Board 49-151] The current board ‘’ is from a local repo. The vivado install has a corresponding board with version greater than or equal to the local repo board. Please use boards from vivado install to avoid any upgrade/migrate issues

This further gives several warnings after synthesis and implementation.

I would really appreciate if someone could guide me in the right direction so I can move forward with the development.

I am attaching a VIVADO project. VHD files are in “Previously Working”.
Previous (895.0 KB)
Previously Working (19.2 KB)

Hello and welcome to the forums!

When you say the voltage selector is set to 1.8v, are you referring to the JTAG VREF jumper? If so, that doesn’t affect the IO Bank’s voltage.

On the XEM7310, banks 13-16 are set to a specific voltage: Powering the XEM7310 - Opal Kelly Documentation Portal. If you are after 1.8v, you will need to use a pin from bank 14, which is set to 1.8v.


Hi Hayden,

Thank you for the greeting and Thank you for your input.
Apologies, yes, I was unknowingly was referring to JTAG VREF jumper.

Voltage being 1.8V or 3.3V is not as big of an issue as voltage coming out of a pin configured for input. Unless, I am unknowingly expecting/ configuring a Fixed output pin to act as an input. Pin number is W9.

Hi Hayden,
I made some improvements here I had several things wrong in the project but now it is fixed. So W9 is not high anymore.
I wish to upload by final project once I have it all working. It may help someone like me.

However, there is still one more thing that’s raising a question. With XEM7310 board connected to breakout board, power supply disconnected (no power to board or breakout board): I left a 3.3V (High State) signal going to pin J1-16 (it can be any pin) and ground connected to J1-14 of the external signal, this lights up all the LEDs on the board including Power LED only exception is Fault LED.

It does not seem normal, what could I be doing wrong?