Python is not giving any plot for

Hello. We are trying to run the ADC sample program using Artix ultrascale+ xem8320 board available in your site. Using front panel, we have configured the FPGA using xem8320_adc.bit file and tried to follow the steps metioned in SYZYGY ADC-LTC226X Reference Design - Opal Kelly Documentation Portal. Now, the issue is with the graphical utility part. Though, .\ .\xem8320_adc.bit command is given on python 3.7.3, it is giving “syntax error”. Parallelly, we also tried to run the ‘’ in the python 3.7.3 shell, but it is not giving any plot though matplotlib is installed.

Hi! Could you please email [email protected] with your issue? I am not able to reproduce the issues you are seeing here. It would also be helpful if you provided a screenshot of your terminal when you contact them. Thank you!