Problems running PipeTest until Linux (Fedora 17), XEM6010-LX150

I was able to install and detect a XEM6010-LX150 under Linux (Fedora 17). I can compile/run the MemTest example as well as use the canned FrontPanel application so the board is being detected. When I try to run the PipeTest (./PipeTest.exe bench) UpdateWiresIn/Out, ActivateTriggersIn/Out work fine, but then I get errors with actual transfers. The errors are:

‘error submitting URB: Cannot allocate memoryerror usb control message: Connection timed outRead BS:0 SS 4194304 TS :67108864 Transfer Failed’

I had to massage the example to get it to compile (see post “”), but this works under Windows when.

Any thoughts? Possibly a configuration issue with the USB driver.

Rich Z

Quick update: On another laptop with the same OS installed I was able to get transfers to work. Unfortunately the numbers are significantly lower than with Windows (maximum of ~160MB/s vs. 260MB/s). Any thougths on why this might be? One though is the generic USB 3.0 drivers on Linux are not optimized.