OK FrontPanel HDL to AXI Master


I’d like to know if someone has developed or is thinking of developing a FrontPanel HDL to AXI4 master.

I’ve build a host serial command via USB to AXI interface using a MicroBlaze as a string interpreter. I’d like to explore faster ways to get the host to communicate directly with AXI peripherals.

I am also interested in ideas around connecting AXI4-streams back to a host.



Hi Peter,

It looks like an old topic but anyway would be good to have Vivado BD blocks of Front Panel hardware. Is there any progress in this direction from your side?

We are starting to move our design to Opal Kelly’s 7 series from Spartan 3 board and I was surprised not finding neither board description files nor AXI based IP blocks. Well, one should some.

Is there any interest from the community here having those things?


I am really interested in controlling an AXI Slave (read and write) with the Host Interface of FrontPanel (okHost). I’m using the Opal Kelly XEM7310 and I’d like to control an ADC (AD7616) with an Interface on my PC.

I’d like to use the IP core “axi_ad7616” offered by Analog Devices on github.

This is my first time designing with IP core so I apologize in advance if it is a stupid problem.