No flashloader in linux?

Hi, why is there no flashloader application in the linux tarball?
I’m also wondering why opalkelly doesn’t open source there libraries. This enables people to use these boards in embedded environments. Any employee willing to give their justifcation to keep things secret?


We should probably be able to include the FlashLoader in future releases. It is probably just an oversight that we haven’t yet. Linux represents a very small portion of our user base, so we just haven’t received the feedback that it was requested. We’ll take this as our first request for FlashLoader to be included on Linux.

We have a number of customers using our devices in embedded environments and are happy to target specific versions for those customers. Depending on the needs of those customers, this is typically associated with a small fee for performing the port. Contact with more details about your project. Important details are your specific requirements, budget, and which product you’re using and EAU.

As for why we keep things closed-source… Well, that particular business practice has been addressed elsewhere ad nauseam.