Migrate from XEM6310 to 7310

I’m looking to migrate a design from the XEM6310 to the 7310. Electrically and mechanically it looks like a drop in replacement (after targetting artix-7 in Vivado, changing the .ucf file) and MC2 =JP2/MC1=JP1 but the mechanical drawing on the 7310 is not as detailed as the 6310. The FPGA (LVCMOS33), +3Vdd and DGnd pins look like they are in the right place. I have a custom board that the XEM6310 currently plugs into. Will the 7310 just plug in? If so, I’m just curious why there are different breakout boards?

The XEM7310 offers a few more pins than the XEM63310 so a new breakout module with these additional connections was required.