MC1 and MC2 pin 1 location on XEM7310MT

@ O-K support
HI, I plan to use XEM7310MT on a board I am working on, but I don’t have a XEM7310MT yet. To help me to decide where I want to position the XEM on my main board, I need to know which end the pin 1 of MC1 and MC2 connector are at, are they at the end near MC3 or at the other end ? Thanks in advance for the information.

Please see the mechanical drawing of the XEM7310MT in the documentation:

The BRK7310MT has a mated configuration which may also be helpful:

Finally, the Pins reference also includes an interactive Pin diagram to help you get situated. Click on one of the table rows to display the pin diagram and hover over the rows to see the corresponding information and location of that pin.

Thanks ! The interactive pin locator is cool !

Hi, I just had a small question, can we connect these pins on the FPGA to an external circuit (made on a breadboard)? What kind of connectors should I buy?