Labview interface with XEM6010

I cannot communicate with XEM6010 through labview.
Did anyone managed to to this?



We have lots of customers using LabView with our FrontPanel API (DLL). If you search for LabView on these forums, you might find some helpful comments.

Yes, I saw those post. I also used labview with XEM3005.
The problem is that I cannot get XEM6010 work with Labview.
Can you give or build some examples that work in Labview with XEM6010?

Did you ever hear back about the Labview interface to the XEM6010?

The XEM6010 and all our products use the same API. As long as you’re using the latest version of the API that supports newer modules (like the XEM6010), then everything will be exactly the same.

I have written a simple VI (see attachement) for LabView 2011 that works with both the Shuttle LX1 and the XEM6010. It uses first.bit to allow the user to turn LEDs on and off. It does not configure the PLL nor does it load the .bit file. Steps for use…

  1. Run the FrontPanel app
  2. Load “first.bit”
  3. Load First.xfp and make sure that you can turn on and off the LEDs. (This step can be omitted, but I’d do it at least once.)
  4. Close the FrontPanel app
  5. Run the VI in LabView

Hope this helps.


bd.JPG (40.1 KB)

VI.JPG (41.1 KB) (10.6 KB)

Thanks! I’ve copied this post to our Contributions forum: