Is there a way to debug a project using Series-7 Opall Kelly? [DEBUG]

Hello all.

I’m working on a project using a XEM7310MT board and I would like to use a ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer). I’m not sure if it is possible with FrontPanel or there is a workaround to achieve it.

I am striving to enhance the scope of certain internal nets in my Verilog code.


Unfortunately, you can’t use the USB-C port on the XEM7310MT for JTAG and there isn’t a workaround. The FPGA’s JTAG pins are, however, connected to the XEM7310MT’s MC expansion connectors (see the XEM7310MT’s Pins Reference). For JTAG, route these to a JTAG header on your mating board.

If you’re still in the development stage, the BRK7310MT could be a better option. It comes with an onboard JTAG header which could streamline your process.