Failed Timing Constraints

I am working on some code for an XEM6010-LX150. I have run into some issues with failing timing constraints. I have had a failure due to the okHostCLK and a second with hi_inout[3,4 and 13]. These did not occur at the same time. To solve the first I moved some combinatorial logic into a latched process. Im about to try the same thing to solve the second. I have never had these issues with a design before and I dont really understand what is causing them. The combinatorial logic is pretty straight forward. All my processes are running off the ti_clk.

Are you using the okLibrary.v[hd] specific to the XEM6010-LX150 ? (it’s different than the -LX45 one)

If so, please contact support and provide your failed timing information and we can help out directly.

I thought I had a handle on how to deal with the problem but now its popping up again.[ATTACH]255[/ATTACH] I have attached the timing report to this post. I dont see an email contact for tech support anyplace on the webpage.

timing (21.4 KB) is our official technical support email address.