EVB1006 Standard release documents needed

Hi Guys,
I have an EVB1006 board along with Shuttle LX1(XEM6006) i wanted to run the sample of image capture on the Shuttle LX1, so i downloaded the Standard release of demo programs but it didnot contain the freemat program and the bit file seems to be erroneous as i ran the ‘okSnapApp’ application on the command line and this is the output result (as shown below).

command: okSnapApp-x86.exe 0 image.bin
—Opal Kelly — FPGA-EVB100X okSnap v1.0 —
FrontPanel DLL Loaded. Built: Feb 1 2012 16:56:13
Capturing Frame to image.bin
could not open a device. Is one attached?

and the same output is displayed when i run the command without dumping the bit file on the FPGA which implies that the bit file provided in the download link is an erroneous (correct me if i am wrong).

i wanted to run atleast the freemat application and according to the ‘Readme.txt’ file it was supposed to be in the ‘standard release’ folder but it is not, hence please suggest suitable remedies, and please provide the freemat application(oksnap.m).

Thank you

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