ERROR : simulation of precompiled libraries


I’m receiving the following error message in ModelSim:

Error: (vsim-13) Recompile C:/Program Files/Opal Kelly/FrontPanel/Simulation/ModelSimXE61e/okFPsim.okhostinterface because C:\Modeltech_xe_starter\win32xoem/…/ieee.std_logic_1164 has changed.

(etc for each of the OKelly precompilied libraries)

I can’t recompile because I they are precompiled from Opal Kelly. Are there newer versions available? I am using ModelSim XE III/Starter 6.2c. Suggestions?



Our new release will support ModelSim 6.2c. It is due out this week.


When will you release new simulation libraries for ModelSim XE III/Starter 6.2g?

Please see this post in the Software Downloads section:

I have the same problem with the latest release of FrontPanel and ModelSim 6.2g. Could you please help me?