Can I program my OK board from Vivado

I’m currently working with the XEM8350 FPGA development board and following this tutorial for the Vivado IP Core. The tutorial suggests using the FrontPanel interface for transferring the bitstream file.

I was wondering if it’s possible to program the XEM8350 board using the “program device” option in Vivado instead of the FrontPanel interface as a more streamlined process to test code changes.

Yes, this just requires using a JTAG cable, as JTAG operations can’t be done through either of the USB-C ports. Additionally, the JTAG signals on the XEM8350 are brought out on MC1, so the peripheral board needs to have the required JTAG connections and connector. The BRK8350 has an example of such a connection.

More details are available in the JTAG page for the XEM8350.

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