C# counter example doesn't work

From the FrontPanel UM, the csharp example code is vastly incomplete. Below is my attempt at getting the counters.bit application to operate on my XEM6001 card. I’ve been unable to locate the DESTester application to see how the dev object was created. It’s been a long time since using C++ and I would love to see a operational C# XEM6001 app. Are there good definitions for the C# APIs?

namespace FrontPanelTry
class TestWork
public void TestMethod()
okCFrontPanel dev = new okCFrontPanel();
string id = dev.GetDeviceID();
dev.ActivateTriggerIn((short)0x40, (short)0);
byte] bytes = new byte[1024];

What error are you seeing? Can you be more specific about the problems you’re seeing?

Got thinking about errors returned and defined an errorCode. Fount that dev.ConfigureFPGA had a short-cut submitted as the string. Replacing counters.bit actual file was my solution.

Thanks for the help.