Adding SPI Flash to XEM6002

For our project, we need our XEM6002 to boot from flash.
We’ve added a Numonyx M25P32-VME6G equivalent (actually an ST part 25P32V6G) to the U8 footprint on our XEM6002, a slide-switch as JP5 for the USB/Flash boot selection, and changed the 0-ohm pull-down R25 to a 10K pull-up as R24.
I’m using first.bit as the sample bitstream.
The flashloader seems happy to erase the sectors and write to flash (it isn’t obvious whether there is any verification of the bytes in flash). Now, however, with the switch in the Flash boot position, and power removed/re-applied, either the FPGA isn’t successfully booting from flash or the USB interface isn’t able to connect after the fact.

Is there anything that needs to be done to the board beyond adding flash, adding switch, and changing the R24/R25 pulldown to a pullup?


Any chance of getting some help on this?

I posted the initial question months ago. Since then, there have been 190+ views of this so it can’t be too uninteresting. Any chance of an actual answer or response from Opal Kelly?