ZEM4310 FrontPanel flashloader


I’m trying to use FrontPanel to load an image to the SPI Flash on ZEM4310, but FrontPanel is unable to find flashloader.bit. Unfortunately, I can’t see where it tries to search for the file since the window isn’t resizeable, so all I see is Can’t find flash load…10/flashloader.bit. I tried running strace on FrontPanel to figure out the location, but wasn’t able to catch it.

Right now I’m running FrontPanel directly from an extracted tar ball of the 4.5.5 release

It seems like this problem was reported last year as well http://forums.opalkelly.com/t/error-with-graphical-frontpanel-4-5-unable-to-flash-design-due-to-broken-flashloader-bit-search-path/1341