Was curious if there is a way to load the xfp (profile xml) in a external xml parser (other then front-panel e.g. a web browser)? if so how do I do it?


The XFP files are standard XML files and should load just fine into any XML parser. You may need to rename it to *.xml for some software that uses the extension to determine file type.

Looks like I would need a pointer in the xml file pointing to a location where all the control objects are defined. Not sure which file this would be?

Also to provide more detail, I am attempting to extend the UI control objects with my own objects (e.g. include a plotting support). Any documentation on doing providing extensions??

Thanks for the reply,

XML is simply a specification for a hierarchical arrangement of data, typically provided as text. It is not a programming language.

FrontPanel does not currently have a way to extend the UI. At the moment, the best alternatives would be to write a C/C++ program or use some other piece of software (e.g. Matlab) that can interface to our API.