XEM7350 and 4DSP boards

Having used an XEM7350 for a while I’d like to use it with a 4DSP FMC-150 board containing two channels each of fairly high-speed DAC and ADC.

As far as I can tell the only problem will be the FMC 12V supply, which the FMC-150 needs. On the XEM7350 these pins are either unconnected or connected to the Opal Kelly 5V bus, depending on the jumper at R48. My plan is to provide 12V to the FMC bus by soldering a wire to one end of the jumper and using an external 12V supply.

Has anyone had any experience with 4DSP FMC boards in an Opal Kelly environment?



Did you work this out? We are using the exact same setup as you and ran into this.
When we attached the 4DSP FMC150 module to the XEM750, FrontPanel didnt see the module and upon inspection of the voltage rails on the FMC card, like you mentioned, the 12V wasn’t present.



Going ahead and connecting the 12V to the 4DSP board from an external PS wont cut it. FrontPanel wont recognize the XEM7350. I suspect that the FMC150 might be loading the 3.3V rail too much?

We also tried this with a FMC176. We placed a jumper at R48 (giving FMC176 U7 5V) and this seemed to do the trick but after approximately 4 seconds, it failed. We traced it back to the PG_C2M signal going low after the mentioned time.

We have successfully used these cards on the KC705 platform where Xilinx ties the PG_C2M signal high, how could we replicate such behavior on the XEM7350?

Alan Colio