Xem6310mt-lx150t usb connection problem

Hi. I’m newbie of using XEM6310MT-LX150T board.

Does anyone have a problem when connecting XEM6310MT-LX150T board to PC?

I think Frontpanel does not support XEM6310MT-LX150T.

I tried to find usb driver in opal kelly website, but I couldn’t find it.

I also tried update usb driver in PC, and I found there is no XEM6310MT-LX150T usb driver installed.

I chose XEM6310MT-LX45T driver, but FrontPanel still not recognized it.

This is the link of what I did. http://blog.naver.com/ddong0910/220810191117

I want to use GTP transceiver using XEM6310MT-LX150T board. I bought this board recently.

Does anyone know solutions? I really need your help!

Thanks in advance.

Sorry. I solved this problem.
I requested newest FrontPanel SDK file.
Thank you.