XEM6310 with USB3.0 Extender/Hub

I need to get about 10 meters between my computer and the XEM6310. I tried this USB 3.0 range extender but it couldn’t see the device. I can try other range extenders and hubs to try to get the distance I need but I wanted to first check if there were any inherent known issues with using the XEM6310 with hubs and range extenders and if anyone has had success with a specific device. Thanks!


No known issues. We have used hubs with the XEM6310.

Can you post the Make/Model of the USB3.0 hubs you’ve used?

We have several http://plugable.com/ hubs.

I am using a Cornell USB3.0 extender and when I plus in my XEM6310-150 it recognizes the device but won’t start - the message from during driver install is that the hub cannot provide enough power. As this is device is externally powered I would expect the USB descriptors to be requesting very little power for the device. Is there any way to change the USB descriptors to not request so much power (whatever that may be)?

Sorry - that should have been XEM6010-150

I have found that the cable will only support self-powered devices (which the XEM6010 is) but the device is requesting 500mA - which seems excessive for a self-powered device. Can I reprogram the USB descriptor in the Cypress micro?

All our modules are setup to specify the maximum allowed power for the USB. This may not be changed.