xem6310.ucf, xem6310mt.ucf, xem6320.ucf?

I was trying to find the right UCF file for an XEM6310-LX150, and noticed there were two UCF files in the Samples directory: xem6310.ucf and xem6310mt.ucf. The file comments are no help. Is one for the LX45 and one for the LX150 versions of the XEM6310? (Although I would have guessed you’d use a single UCF file for the -LX45 and the -LX150 boards given the substantial overlap between the two FPGA pinouts).

Also, what’s an xem6320? Was this an inadvertent pre-announcement of a new product? The xem6320.ucf file mentions a Virtex-6 part.

The xem6310.ucf file is the one you’re looking for.

The other UCF files are part of our distribution, but are often for custom products we build for customers that have particular needs. They may or may not make it into future products offered on our website. Sorry, but we cannot offer further details about any of these products.