XEM6310 Hardware Warranty

I would like to know if hardware purchased from OpalKelly comes with any hardware warranty. Does anyone in the forum have knowledge on this?

We purchased a number of XEM6310 boards (more than 10) earlier this year. For one of the boards, T21 located at JP2.41 malfunctioned and was unable to generate any signal.

We wrote to Opal Kelly support to ask for assistance. The replay we got is reproduced below. After this, I asked if we could ship the board back to Opal Kelly for repair. I wrote to both the support email and sales email. But there has been no response or whatsoever so far. So I wonder if other customers have encountered the same issue before.

There is also no phone number on the Web site that I can call to discuss this matter.

Unfortunately, there is no guidance in this area. Power
supply damage can cause damage to one or more of the switchers and,
potentially, downstream components. The only reliable way to debug is to
replace the upstream components first, then work on the downstream ones
if things still aren’t right. Unfortunately, for most devices, this
process is labor intensive and cost intensive. It doesn’t usually make
financial sense to do it.

Opal Kelly Support


We sent responses on May 23 as well as May 26 to this support ticket. Responses were sent to both you and Ivan Chen who was also on the support ticket. Please check your spam / junk folders to make sure that the emails were not miscategorized by your filters.

Hi, thank you for the response.

Yes, the May 23 email was wrongly categorized as junk mail. We have recovered that (reproduced below). We will reply that email.

However, there was no email on May 26.

Hi ivan.chen,

What is the original order number for this device?

Please provide as much detail about your application as
possible. You say it was damaged during power-up somehow. Please explain
the history of this damage. Also, how was the device powered? Was this
with our power supply? Also please provide connection details – how was
this device connected to other devices or equipment?

Opal Kelly Support