[XEM6010/Python API] ReadFromPipeOut returns UnsupportedFeature

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Thanks for taking the time to help with this issue.

In a chunk of code that I’m running I use ReadFromPipeOut. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing wrong with how it’s written.

   if bytes_left > 0:
        buffer_small = bytearray("\xAA"*bytes_left)
        error_code = self.dev.ReadFromPipeOut(self.PIPE_ADDRESS_DDR2_LOGGER, buffer_small)
        if error_code != len(buffer_small):
            print 'Error: did not receive the expected number of bytes, error code: {}'.format(error_code)

When I call the function that contains this code, however, I get the following output:

Error: did not receive the expected number of bytes, error code:  -15

After some digging I found that error code to mean UnsupportedFeature. Can anyone think of any reason I’m getting this error? Perhaps a previous set-up command that I’m not aware of is not being executed properly?

EDIT: I forgot to mention, PIPE_ADDRESS_DDR2_LOGGER has a value of 0xA1.

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Charles Parker

What is the value of “bytes_left” ?

Hi okSupport person,

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m seeing the issue when bytes_left is equal to 512. There is another routine in the code that handles the case where the num_bytes_to_read is greater than 8MB. It will read from pipeout in 8MB chunks, and then finish up reading whatever is left as soon as the num_bytes_left is less than 8MB.


I’ve made some progress on this problem independently. It turns out that the daughter board my 6010 is connected to was not getting enough power. When I disconnected the daughter board I don’t didn’t have any problems with the FrontPanel interface.

I suspect my problems will go away once the daughter board is properly powered. I’ll update this thread if that turns out not to be the case.

Late update: my previous post is correct. After powering the daughter board all my issues mentioned in this thread went away.