XEM6010 Pin configuration

Hello Guys,

I am using BRK6110 board to use XEM6010 pins. By default I/O banks are set to 3.3V ,but I need to use 1.8V I/O bank.For that I have powered VCCO1 pin to 1.8V. I am not sure about DGND pin, whether I have to connect it to digital ground or keep it not-connected.

Your help will be of great value.

Thank you

Please refer to the XEM6010 User’s Manual for details about changing the I/O voltages for select banks. You will need to remove one (or more) ferrite bead(s) from the device and provide the 1.8v I/O from the expansion connector.

DGND should remain connected. This is a reference voltage for the entire system. Without it, “voltage” doesn’t really have a meaning.