XEM6010-LX150 FPGA configuration failure

I must say that I am new to this FPGA programming field, and so my knowledge on this field is very limited first.

I have problems with uploading my bit file to XEM6010-LX150 FPGA.

---- Opal Kelly ---- Flash Programmer ----
FrontPanel DLL loaded. Built: Mar 17 2014 11:47:27
Found a device: XEM6010-LX150
Device firmware version: 3.1
Device serial number: 2122000WIX
Device device ID: 14
FPGA configuration failed.
FPGA could not be initialized.

→ These are the cmd lines after I typed “flashloader.exe mybitfile.bit”.
It says that FPGA not being initialized is the problem, but I can’t figure it out.
I have looked up for similar problems of “FPGA could not be initialized”, but all the information I could get was that this problem occurs when the flashloader.bit file is not in the current directory(where I’m running the cmd lines). But, I do have the flashloader.bit file there.
In the directory, I have:


Actually, I’ve seen the exact same model of FPGA(XEM6010-LX150) successfully being uploaded the bitfile, and working with the same process I tried with this one. Unluckly, the working one died, and now this new board cannot get me through the firmware uploading step.

It would be nice if anyone could comment on the problem I am having…
Thank you in advance!


First, I would redownload the samples for your device from: Opal Kelly Pins.
Then replace flashloader.bit in your working directory with the flashloader.bit you downloaded from pins.opalkelly.com.
Then rerun with the flashloader.bit instead of the mybitfile.bit to confirm everything is functioning as expected.

Hi hayden, thank you for the kind advice!

I tried deleting and replacing the flashloader.bit to a new one, (but I was already using the exact same downloaded .bit file downloaded from pins site) but it didn’t work. Running the flashloader.bit file instead of mybitfile.bit showed the same FPGA configuration failure message.

Your suggestion brought me ideas about testing other sample bit files from Opal Kelly, so I tried loading the “first.bit” file, following the guidelines from [Getting Started - Opal Kelly Documentation Portal](Opal Kelly FrontPanel SDK tutorials). The device failed that one, too. The FrontPanel application would not download the file “first.bit”. It shows “FPGA configuration failed: file error”.

However, I’m sure that this is not the problem of the first.bit file or flashloader.bit file itself, because I’ve seen it run and load on other device, same model. I’m starting to think that this particular device has some firmware version issues or something…

I am currently using the old version of FrontPanel SDK v.4.3.1(dated ~2014 in the Opal Kelly support site) to run the FPGA, because the bitfile I need to run on this device needs so, at least in the developer’s manual. Actually it needs v.4.0.8, but there are no such on the Opal Kelly support site, so I just ran the device with the oldest v.4.3.1. SDK, and successfully uploaded the bitfile to flash, and been using it well untill unfortunately the FPGA that was working, broke due to exterior reasons.

I think the only thing left to try out is to run the device with other SDK versions. It would be great if you have any other suggestions to test out on this device to make it work.

Thank you again, and have a great day!