XEM6001 failed to powerd up

My FPGA was powered by my PC via usb connection. Everything was fine until today when it could not powered on, the LED light was not on as well, and then the next thing i noticed was the area around usb connector started to heat up. The FPGA is connect to an external circuit, but not powered by it. What could be wrong? did I fried the board?? Please help!!

What’s the external circuit?

Occasionally, a rogue scope probe or ground probe accidentally shorts power and ground and that can cause the internals of the power supply regulators to fuse. We’ve also seen customers attach the device to drive motors or relays which can cause inductive kickback through the delicate FPGA if appropriate isolation is not used. We’ve even seen customers try to use the FPGA outputs as current sources.

There are lots of ways you can fry delicate electronics.

I used to the board control a programmable attenuator and a power chip. It is also used to triggered the spectrum analyzer. I had the board on a plastic surface, and I don’t remember me doing anything accidentally short the board.

However, my question now is that how do I know the board is fried for sure? The area around the usb heat up when I tried to powered it on, does that indicate the board is fried? Is there any possible way to fix it?

More additional information: C28 is heating up really fast once the USB in connected. Any idea why it is doing so?