XEM3010 USB 2.0 Data Transfer

Hi, we have the XEM3010, and I was wondering what is the best way to approach sending image data from the FPGA and SDRAM through the USB 2.0 controller into the PC? Should I use those Pipe functions in the okCUsbFrontPanel Class? Also, is there documentation on how to send and recieve data from the FPGA side (like example Verilog code)?

Basically, we need to send commands to the FPGA, and receive image data from the FPGA.


Yes, the pipes are the best method to transport large amounts of bulk data. The DESTester and the RAMTester both illustrate ways to use pipes.

In particular, you could modify the RAMTester to load the SDRAM with data from your image capture and subsequently send it to the PC. We’ve done this on a number of projects internally with great success!