XEM3010 can not be detected

Hi Everyone,

I am using XEM3010 to implement an FPGA that can trigger and read signals from an external device/chip. I have written, compiled and built the C++ API software to be used for this action. I have ran it a couple of times before and it works perfectly well. I am using Visual Studio 2013 and FrontPanel 4.3.0.

Since two days ago, when I run the C++ executable file that has the GUI (configures XEM3010 with .bit file), the PC reports that:

“An XEM was not detected or could not be initialized.”
“Please fix the problem and restart this application.”

This doesn’t make sense since I haven’t changed anything. Please, can someone recommend a solution to this problem? Do I need to upgrade something or add a plug-in?


Are you able to see the device in FrontPanel? Can you configure our samples to it? (e.g. counters.bit, etc.)

Yes, I can configure the board using the samples provided by the package. I can also open and use the GUI provided by the first.bit.

Make sure you close the FrontPanel GUI. If it owns the device you’re talking to, no other process will be able to communicate with it.