Xem3005 prom config

i want to know how to config prom of my device


I read some forums here, they say, i have to execute flashloader.exe, but i instal front panel, and i cant find this file.

please help.

Please look through the Samples directory which was installed with FrontPanel.

I check this folder :

C:\Archivos de programa\Opal Kelly\FrontPanel\Samples\FlashLoader

It have only this files and folder:
file flashload-xem3005-1200.bit
file flashload-xem5010.bit
folder Cxx

This folder no containt the flashloader.exe

thank?s by your help.

I hope you help me resolve my problem.

Yes, you will need to build the application for your OS and architecture using the code in the Cxx folder.

Mi OS is windows XP, which compiler can i use. please.

For the poor unfortunate above, here is how to do the compilation:

  1. Open or get Microsoft Visual Studio C++. You can get the “express” version for free from

  2. In VS, select File->Open->Project/Solution and find the .vcproj file in the Cxx directory of the flashloader folder in the Samples directory. If you are using VS 2010, it has to convert it to a .vcxproj file.

  3. The VS window should show the flashloader project hierchy. Just right click on the flashloader project name at the top level and select “Build”.