xem3005 pinout mismatch

The JP4_xx comments for banks 2 & 3 in the constraint file xem3005.ucf do not match the locations indicated in the XEM3005-UM.pdf documentation (page 18 & 19). It looks like they would match if they would be in reverse order within each block, i.e. going from JP4_11 to JP4_5 for bank 2 and JP4_68 to JP4_12 for bank 3.
Could you please have a look and tell me if that’s indeed the case and that the pdf doc is “golden”.
Thanks, Klaus

Yikes… You’re right. I have attached a fixed version of the UCF with the comments fixed. Thanks for pointing this out!

We just recently added the lengths of each trace to the XEM3005 User’s Manual (PDF document) and it is available online. At that time, we performed another complete cross-check of the pinouts in the PDF document and no errors were found.

xem3005.txt (8.1 KB)