XEM3005 interface with I2C peripheral


I have an I2C peripheral I want to interact with through the Python API. Is it possible to do with the API using the ReadI2C() and WriteI2C() commands? (I was assuming up to now that I’ll need to create my own modules for those, but if they already exist and usable I’d rather us the ok ones!) If it is possible, can someone please provide a quick example on how to get started?

Many thanks.

We suggest creating your own I2C communication in FPGA fabric and interfacing to the PC (if required) via the FrontPanel interface. The results will be more flexible, portable, and reliable. Our new USB 3.0 devices do not support I2C via the API – we will have a technical white paper with some PicoBlaze code coming in the next month or two that helps with this transition.