XEM3001V1 configuration failed: Done did not go high

1.Using FrontPanel 3.0.10,
The board is detected and the onboard PLL can be configured using both the frontPanel gui and the API (java).

2.I’ve built the bitfile in ISE as demonstrated in tutorial part 1

3.When trying to run the sample of ‘first’ or ‘counter’(from the tutorial),the err DoneNotHigh is returned from ConfigureFPGA() and the leds do not blink.

I saw in the manual that the 8 bit was changed to 16 bit interface but I don’t try to use it for now.
did I miss some other difference between V1 and V2? or what else would be the problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Found an old OK frontpanel api package which works with this board.