XEM3001 version number

I have a XEM3001 board with the date of 20050215 that I was given to use. I would like to order 2 more but have a couple questions.
How do I know which version I have? It seems that only v2 is currently for sale. If I have been using a V1, will my current design still work in a V2 board?
It seems that you do not have any in stock. Is there any way to backorder them or do I have to wait until they are available until ordering?


The XEM3001v2 is the board you have. The v1 had an 8-bit host interface and was only available for a short while.

Though it does not seem to apply to you, code built for a v1 board needs to be resynthesized for a v2 board. Additionally, the HDL modules changed.

We do not have a way to handle backorders. However, if you send an email to [email protected] with your email address, we can notify you when they are back in stock. We expect new stock to arrive any day now.