XEM3001 Spartan 3 speed rating


I didn’t see this one answered in the doc, and I searched the forums and .pdf doc files for it as well, and couldn’t find the answer.

Is the speed rating on the delivered Spartan 3:

the value 4 or 5?

The project I’m doing in ISE Webpack wants to know the speed rating. I have heard some anectdotal evidence that it’s important to get it right, so it doesn’t potentially come back to cause problems later.

This would be nice to add to the doc when you get a chance, that is, assuming I didn’t miss it. :slight_smile:


The XEM3001 includes the -4 speed rating. Although, if you need the -5, we could have that inserted. (mainly of interest to larger OEM orders)

It isn’t necessary to set it properly within ISE for just synthesis. It does make a difference for the timing information you get back, though. In other words, the configuration file you get back will work on either part – but timing will be different.