XEM3001 FW not recognised


I just installed the FP SW Version 3.0.0. before i had installed the beta version (3.0.0b) with its associated firmware.
The problem is that the latest Fp SW (3.0.0) does not recognize the Firmware that curently resides on my card, i’m unable to program it !
(the FP GUI show the card as ‘XEM3001v2 [unknown]’.
What do you suggest ?
I just requested the Firmware associated to the 3.0.0, i guess this should fix the thing.


Hi Jerome-

You have email. The beta folks need to use a “Special” release of FrontPanel to perform the update. A small change between firmware releases is to blame.


I did not receive anything.
To what address did you send the Special Version ?


To the same email address that you received the firmware package through. It was actually attached to the same email. The text included an explanation of why you needed to use the Special version, too.


Sorry to insist,
There was maybe a problem somewhere, but i did NOT receive anything
Could you possibly send the FW package again ?
Thanks in advance


Sure. Can you submit another firmware request through the online form?