XEM3001 Driver Files


I’m getting ready to ship out a demo product based on the XEM3001v2 module and want to provide driver files fo the customer. I have found okusb.sys and okusb.inf but whenever I try to get windows to use those drivers I get an error that something in the services section of the .inf is invalid.

I can get the install program for the api to properly install the drivers but really don’t want to send that to the customer. I don’t want them to have as much knowledge of the product that a full api install would give them.

Where can I get the proper files to distribute to my customer so they can install ONLY the driver without having to send them the whole api?

BTW, have tried the cypress usb driver from their sdk and get the same error.

okerror.jpg (34.6 KB)


Hi tombudd-

Please send a request to support@opalkelly.com and we can set you up with a driver-only installer.